State of the art equipment for environmental protection.

Cement production is an activity that has an impact on the environment, which is why the Groupe Industriel des Ciments d’Algérie (GICA) has invested heavily in the installation of latest generation bag filters in its cement plants.

Installed as a replacement for electrostatic precipitators, bag filters increase the performance of the filtration system where dust emissions do not exceed the threshold of 10mg/Nm3, as tolerated by environmental standards.

Co-incineration of industrial waste

The Groupe Industriel des Ciments d’Algérie (GICA) has implemented the process of co-incineration of industrial waste, which consists of integrating this waste by transforming it into substitute fuels, by co-incineration in the kiln, to produce energy and add materials to the clinker, while preserving the environment.