The Centre d’Études et de Services Technologiques de l’Industrie des Matériaux de Construction (CETIM) has the following mission:

  • Carrying out studies and analyses of construction materials.
  • Assisting in the development of industrial projects and supporting production.
  • Carrying out “quality and environmental” audits and support for certification.
  • Metrology and topography work.

The quality of the services offered by CETIM are recognised:

  • Accreditations : By the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC).
  • Quality control of materials: By mandate of the CACQE Ministry of Trade.
  • Certification: by IANOR.
  • Environmental studies: By approval of the Ministry of the Environment and Renewable Energy.
  • Upgrading and implementation studies of quality assurance systems: By approval of the Ministry of Industry and Mines
BP 93, Cité Ibn Khaldoun, 35000, Boumerdes - Algeria
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