Our subsidiaries GRANU-EST, GRANU-CENTRE and GRANU-OUEST offer a range of high quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of our customers in the field of aggregates, ready-mixed concrete and agglomerated products. These products are suitable for different ranges of needs in the construction and industrial sectors, such as :

  • Base materials for roads, pavements, car parks.
  • Raw materials for the creation of ready-mix concrete, asphalt, precast pipes, concrete blocks, cement and other construction components
  • Essential elements in water filtration and purification systems.

Types of Aggregates

Sand 03
Sand 04
Sand 04
Crushed gravel 0-25mm
Gravel 3-8mm
Gravel 4-8mm
Gravel 8-15mm
Gravel 15-25mm
Gravel 25-50mm
Sterile (TVC) 0-40mm Recomposed 0-50mm

Types of ready-mixed concrete

Clean concrete 150kg/m3
Heavy concrete 200/250kg/m3
Concrete C20/25 300kg/m3
Concrete C20/25 350kg/m3
Concrete C27/30 380kg/m3
Concrete C30/35 400kg/m3
Concrete C30/40 450kg/m3
Self-laying concrete (piles) 38/400/450kg
Shotcrete 400/420/450kg
Porous Concrete 250kg
Printed Concrete 250kg
Fibrous Concrete 380/400kg